An up-to-date schedule of the hikes can be found in the program section. If you are interested in any of these hikes, please contact me for more information or booking. This can be done until 48 hours before. A minimum of four adults is required for a hike to be confirmed.

If you prefer hiking on a date not given in the program, do not hesitate to call me to see if something may be arranged. I can suggest one of my predefined hikes or answer to more specific requests.

Be careful

  • For both safety and sociability reasons, the number of participants is limited to 12. For larger groups, an additional mountain leader may be requested
  • Depending on the terrain, the type of hike (e.g. if equipment provided) and the theme, the maximum number of participants and price may slightly vary
  • Registrations are made on 'first come first serve' basis


Once a hike is confirmed, please reach the rendez-vous point, after a solid breakfast 10 minutes early and with the proper equipment:

    • good walking shoes (not new ones)
    • un tee-shirt respirant
    • warm clothes (sweater cape + anti-rain, the weather can quickly change)
    • sunglasses, hat, sunscreen
    • snacks and a picnic for day-long trips
    • at least 1.5 litre per person of water (there are very little water springs in the Vercors)
    • backpack
    • optional: a pair of walking sticks, binoculars, camera, ...

For winter, take also:

    • waterproofwalking shoes (boots are not recommended) and gaiters
    • at least one pair of gloves(mittens are recommended and if possible pair ofinner gloves)
    • cap
    • really warm clothes
    • waterproofjacket and trousers
    • sunglasses,ski goggles andsunscreen
    • 35-45 litre backpack (designed if possible for snowshoes to be attached on)
    • {lang fr}DVA, sonde et pelle, si vous en avez{/lang}{lang en}DVA, probe and shovel,if you own them
    • thermosof hot water is a good thing
    • snowshoes and walking sticks willbe either provided by myselforrentedon site

For several day long hikes, here is the minimum equipment to add to the list:

    • sleeping bag (sleeping bag end fabric)
    • cap
    • headlamp
    • Quelques vêtements de rechange (chaussettes, tee-shirt, pull) et une paire de tongs
    • toiletries
    • medicine you may need, anti-blisters dressing...

And in the case of bivouacking:

    • warm sleeping bag
    • blanket
    • insulating floor mat
    • warm clothing, spare for all, rain jacket, gloves, hat
    • food and kitchen utensils (stove, pots, Swiss Army knife, cutlery, cups, matches, ...)

* Un point spécial pour ceux qui souhaitent réutiliser de vieilles chaussures de marche (dans le grenier depuis 10 ans par exemple), vous risquez un inévitable décollement de semelle et sur une rando de trois jours ...